Managed Services, Consulting, Integration & Enterprise Solutions

Today, business is in change. Tomorrow, business is change.

A product that made it rain yesterday may not today. What’s core business this season may be in the peripherals the next. And a technology that shoots a business to the top one day may be its downfall the very next.

Scenarios and real-life stories are countless, no industry or sector spared.

In this context, technology is central in the pursuit of new opportunities and in enabling business transformations that will maximize those opportunities.

As such, clients are looking to ICT and their ICT colleagues for answers to the emerging big-picture questions as they pursue various strategic and operational opportunities.

What We Offer:

  • Managed Services
  • Integration
  • Consulting Services
  • Enterprise Solutions (Salesforce, SAP, AWS, Microsoft, IBM, CA Technologies, Software AG, Workday, OpenText /Micro Focus)

Responding with Africonology

To survive and thrive in the business of change, businesses have to be agile at the core, i.e. know when to change, what to change and how to change.

‘Agile At the Core’ ourselves, we are leading with a number of creative responses among which is the Managed Services, Consulting, Integration & Enterprise Solutions centre of excellence, a suite of solutions that help clients know when, what and how to change.

Our suite of solutions helps clients:

  • Keep their resourcing strategies agile and responsive.
  • Prevent overinvestment or underinvestment.
  • Navigate complex technology requirements and demands.
  • Address the most pertinent talent realities and demands.

From advisory to implementation, Africonology is doing business differently so you can too.

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